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      1. News: BoHua cold water machine the intelligent temperature control mode, the function is unique, easy to use                   2013-6-18 More>>
        About Us
          Dongguan Bohua Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd Founded in 2005, is a development, production and sale of industrial refrigeration equipment, professional company.
          The products are mainly used in the field of high-power industrial lasers, water-cooled high-speed spindle, precision optical machinery, laboratory equipment and other professional, widely used in clothing, footwear, More>>
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        Copyright ? 2013 Dongguan Bohua Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd All Rights Reserved
        Address: 6th Floor, Building 06, Zhong'an Innovation Enterprise Incubation Park, No. 8 Beiwang West Road, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City   Phone:0769-85076399 85077747  Fax:0769-85387639


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